The word casino reminds us of a room full of flashy lights, numerous online slot machines, spinning roulette wheels, several tables with card games and a multitude of avid players who enjoy them. Unfortunately, it is not possible for all game lovers to abandon their busy schedule to visit one. Thanks to online casinos, although one can enjoy betting anywhere, they like it. However, there is something more recent and futuristic that has simply changed the way we play online. Until now, the online game lacked the atmosphere of a real casino, but something better has happened: online VR or virtual casinos and games. Before talking about the highs and lows of those games, let us first give you an exhaustive idea of ​​what the virtual reality casino is.


As the years went by, technological advances have played an important role in the gambling industry: it allowed land casinos to transfer their services to the Internet. It has helped players get a gaming experience that is almost like brick and mortar. Even gamblers from countries like Africa can now enjoy online gambling at online casinos. Although the game has entered the realm online, it has failed to impress many. It is glamorous and convenient, but it cannot replicate the exact atmosphere found in brick and mortar casinos. However, you can’t even interact with anyone or anything while playing online.

The gaming experience has been taken a step closer now with the invention of virtual reality casinos. In the end, an online virtual reality casino provides a real casino atmosphere to players who usually find in offline casinos. They offer you a three-dimensional view of the casino with which you can interact while enjoying your favorite casino games. For almost two decades, companies are trying to give Virtual Reality games a global presence. Efforts such as VFX1 VR Headgear, Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, failed. It seems that the technology of the 90s lacked something significant that could give life to their dreams and visions.

Finally, in 2016, with the launch of high-quality virtual reality game kits such as Valve’s Stream VR, Sony PlayStation VR, Facebook Oculus Rift, Vive by HTC have brought about a new increase in online games. Despite the resistance, many of the developers have welcomed this cutting-edge technology in the field of online games.


With the proliferation of mobile technology and the modernization of high-speed Internet connectivity, avid players were encouraged to play online. Currently, online casinos in the UK are news for virtual reality casino games. Surprisingly, one can enjoy these games without headphones or virtual reality glasses. However, gears like Oculus Rift would improve the experience, but you can still see the 3D action on the screens of your devices. At this time, all games are not optimized for it. Here is a list of virtual reality casino games that you can try at online virtual reality casinos:

VR Slots

Slots are the most popular and colorful of all games available online. They are full of excellent free no deposit bonuses and have the potential to offer high payments. Some of the most loved virtual reality slot machines online include titles such as:

  • Jack and the Beanstalk by Net Entertainment
  • Starburst by Net Entertainment
  • Miss Midas by NextGen

VR Blackjack

Card lovers would find it fun and exciting. In addition, putting on a VR headset makes it more immersive. You can stretch, place your bets, check your card, feel them and even create your decisions just as you do on the land.

VR Roulette

Roulette is a board game that occupies a special place in the hearts of lovers of extreme gambling. It is the third most popular type of game played worldwide. Both big punters and punters with little stake play. All the actions on the roulette table now seem live: the credit goes to the Virtual Reality games. Then, place your chips on the numbers you like and turn them.

The graphics in these games are fascinating and produce high resolution images at a higher frame rate. It’s better than those video games you usually play.


It is a mix of online gaming and a fascinating experience with audio and stimulating visuals. It offers a very attractive casino environment where several players can play in real time and interact with others and the different elements of the casino. It’s like walking the red carpet without visiting one. Before we start, we have a comparison of these games with the usual online games.


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