There is absolutely nothing like playing something completely silly once in a while. As players, we take our trade too seriously, so occasionally it is good to just sit down and laugh a little. The game in question today is Trover saves the universe and if you are over a certain age, it is tremendously fun. Just so that angry parents don’t eat me, the next trailer is for adults. If you are not an adult jump, stop by and read on. There, I have done my part, disclaimer.

Trover saves the universe is a game by Justin Roiland, one of Rick and Morty’s co-creators, and is not a game for children. The language, when not a bit disgusting, is simply rude. This is not a complaint, but a warning. I am a big fan of adult cartoon comedy (because I am still 16 years old mentally) and I totally expected youth fun. If you don’t know what Rick and Morty is or anything about that style of humor, go and watch some episodes before letting your children do it. There is a way that censors the experience, but I sincerely believe that it would be destroying the soul of the title. This is a game full of swear words, lascivious comments and general nonsense for adults. Eliminating this would diminish what a really fun experience is.

You assume the role of a Chairorpian, a member of a whole race of people who never get up and spend their days sitting on their backs with game controllers in their hands. Does this maybe make you want to look in the mirror? There are four almighty neutral beings called The Abstainers. Glorkon, one of the four has gone crazy and has taken your dogs and put them in the sockets of his eyes making it all powerful. You and a monster called Trover have to go out and stop your evil plans.

Trover also likes to put things in his head. In his case, he likes powerful babies. These strange little creatures are hidden throughout the game and their collection will make Trover have more life. This game is part of platforms, so there must be collectibles. Little green monsters are a perfectly reasonable replacement for feathers any day. You also get improvements as you progress that alter your chair or give Trover skills such as double jump, ability to roll, etc. This is important for navigation. In your case, as you never get off the back, having a periscopic chair is vital for your continued existence, you get this ability very soon, so you are ready from the beginning.

Trover saves the universe is a platform and puzzle game, and the puzzles are fun and interesting, though sometimes impossible. Sometimes it is worth hearing what Trover has to tell you. One of the riddles you’ll face really can’t be completed. If you pay attention to what your purple friend says, you will solve it immediately. Alternatively, you can ignore it and waste some of your time. You will not solve the puzzle but you will get an achievement, so that depends entirely on you. If your thing is to waste your time and you can’t bother playing the game … what are you playing … you can throw paper balls in a basketball hoop. Go to score a hundred, I challenge you.

As a character, you can’t make a lot, that’s why you need all the help Trover can give you. This goes both ways. Much of this game is about perspective. Your chair can rise and fall and you will use this skill a lot as you go. It makes no sense to jump Trover over an object that cannot be seen on the other side. Raising your chair one level will give you a better view of what you are getting into. The same goes for distance. You don’t move in this game, so you can’t follow it.

The only way to take it anywhere is to run Trover on a teleport node that will take you to a new location. Some of these points can only be seen clearly from a different altitude. The same goes for collectibles. Different views will allow you to see the levels differently and the powerful babies that Trover craves can be a bit difficult to detect. In short, this is a necessary mechanic that has been used correctly in the game instead of something disposable that is not very useful for you. I like it when an idea is implemented correctly, so approved by me.

Narration is what makes Trover save the universe really stand out. Your partner speaks to you constantly during your adventure. What he says is not usually courteous, but it is what gives it character. There is nothing worse than having a side kick that has the personality of a brick. While on this subject it is a bit difficult to decide who really said the side kick.

Technically you are the main character, but it is you who is controlling Trover, so it is probably fifty-fifty who assume the lead role. Not only highlights the voice work that has been done on his partner. All APN characters are created very intelligently. Every NPC you know feels like a developed character instead of a copy pasted from another place in the game. The sound and voice work that has been included in this title is excellent and you can see how much effort and effort have been put into it.

Graphically, Trover saves the universe is wonderfully colorful and is very well represented. The experimenter feels as if you were playing through a cartoon, which is clearly what the developers looked for. Think of Crash Bandicoot if someone made the world bigger, more surreal and gave it a great R rating everywhere. That is something we have here and it is absolutely wonderful. Trover also controls like a dream and, being a console version, it should. I’m not going to take a look at button mapping, but everything is really easy to use and easy to learn.

Returning to the subject of images for a second, this game is played perfectly with and with a VR headset. Without VR Trover is a perfectly fun and useful platform game. Visually, the game looks like it should be a virtual reality game, whether you own the whole kit or not. Without the helmet if you look at your own character, you can basically see a pair of legs, a little chair and a controller. Place a VR headset on your face and the game switches to full VR mode, which makes everything even more surreal. If you have PSVR playing with and without game, you will get a slightly different experience, but one is not worse than the other.

Overall, this is definitely worth it if you have a silly and slightly youthful sense of humor. This title is not particularly difficult and does not feel enormously long. I say it doesn’t feel like the opposite of it isn’t because I was enjoying the experience so much that everything seemed to be moving very fast. You can extend the fun by returning to all collectibles. Trover promises you something really special if you succeed. I would also recommend playing the game more than once. Basically I killed everyone I could in my first meeting. I’d like to see what happens if I don’t act like a furious psycho. For those of you who just like a little nonsense in their game menu, they could do much worse than take a look at this little gem of a game.


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